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This website refer to the company "AKTINA S.A", Vat Number 094095137, with their headquarters in Athens, 
26th Filellinon, 10558, Syntagma,General Electronic Commercial Registry (G.E.MI) No: 681810100. 

Use of this website and services offered by AktinaTravelNow.gr are governed by the following General Terms and Conditions (GTC). It is noted that the GTC of  aktinatickets.gr apply to all reservation orders given by the user either via the aktinatickets.gr  web portal, or via our Call Center or directly to the offices of the Company. Use of this website is deemed to imply full and unconditional agreement and acceptance of the following Terms and Conditions. You are kindly requested not to purchasse the services offered through this website, if you do not agree with the following General Terms and Conditions.

2. Services - Application of General Terms and Conditions (GTC)
AktinaTravelNow.gr provides a web portal offering travel products and services. AktinaTravelNow.gr is an intermediary in delivering the travel services (including flight bookings, car rentals, hotel bookings, ferry tickets, package holidays, last minute bookings, other travel services etc.) provided by organizers/providers of each product and/or service mentioned on this website. The reservation of a product or service through the website is only possible if such product and/or service is available. In case a reservation is completed, the contract is binding on both the user and the providers of the product or service. The role of aktinatickets.gr is limited exclusively to intermediating between customers and providers of travel products and services and its liability is limited solely to the provision of intermediary services.

3. Opening Hours
Customers may contact our call center and visit AktinaTravelNow.gr
Company premises during the following working hours:
Monday to Friday from 09:00 to 18:00.
Saturday  from 09:00 to 14:00.

4. Booking
By filling in the relevant fields on our  special reservation form available on our website and completing a booking, the customer gives express instructions to AktinaTravelNow.gr to intermediate for the provision of a travel service, offered by the actual provider, or of any other service related to the execution of travel. 
 The following actions shall be deemed to be the usere’s instructions to AktinaTravelNow.gr to act as intermediary in respect of the products and services offered by the aktinatickets.gr web portal:
a) Reservations made by the user through (the) AktinaTravelNow.gr web portal.
b) Reservations made by the user through the AktinaTravelNow.gr Call Center.
c) Reservations made by the user at the aktinatickets.gr premises.
In any case, by confirming a reservation, the user is bound.
Reservations NOT processed through AktinaTravelNow.gr web portal  may  be subject to different pricing.

5.  Low cost Companies (Low cost)
Low-cost carriers
Low-cost carriers are used for flights to destinations lasting less than three hours.
General rules
While making a ticket reservation for a low cost carrier through our website, your booking is made directly on the low cost carrier system. When making a booking in this manner, you agree with the Terms and Conditions of such low cost company. We do not assume any responsibility for any actions, errors or omissions arising from the systems of such low cost airlines. Note : Low cost airlines reserve the right to refuse the transportation of any person having acquired a ticket by violating the law or the said carrier’ s price, the regulations or the rules. The right of refusal may now be implemented by the Airlines by virtue of the new anti-terrorist law. It is noted that low-cost airlines operate independently from one another. Additionally, it is likely to charge for any change made after booking and for fees to be imposed for cancellations.
Allowing us or requesting from us to book a flight on low cost airlines, you agree that we have no liability for flight changes or cancellations of the whole or part of your reservation from the low cost airline company and you agree with the booking regulations of the low cost company concerned. Tickets purchases from low cost airlines, usually contains only the fare, while baggage is not included in the listed price. Furthermore, in many cases additional services, such as check-in, seat choice etc are not included. Such services are not provided by AktinaTravelNow.gr and it is likely that additional costs will be charged to you from the low cost carrier. In any case, direct contact with the airline is strongly recommended.
Payment by credit card
Low cost carriers accept payment only by personal credit cards. Both, low cost airlines and other airlines may charge fees for use of your credit cards. To the extent possible, we will disclose such fees before booking. Payment of any booking completed on a low-cost airline is made directly to the low-cost aircarier system.
In general, fares of low cost airlines are non refundable. In any event of force majeure (death, health problems) each case will be evaluated individually. If you are prevented from canceling your trip on time due to extremely unforeseeable circumsatances, please do not hesitate to contact us and we will make reasonable efforts to serve you.
Name change
Although after having completed the booking, low cost companies do not allow name changes on reservations it is sometimes the case that before flight departure, a low cost carrier might allow, a name change on the ticket upon payment of the corresponding fee and handling fee for reservation change (5 €). You will be asked to pay any price difference between the original fare and the fare available at the time of the change of name. In case that the new fare is lower than the original, no refund shall be permitted.
Flight change
Changes might sometimes occur before the scheduled flight departure time or date of the initial flight, either due to the airline’s fault or or on the passenger's initiative. If you wish to amend your booking, the change of flights is performed in two ways: a) By contacting the low cost carrier directly b) By contacting AktinaTravelNow.gr (Telephone No. 801 100 2525) or by email (info@aktinatravelnow.com).In any case extra changes are likely to occur (fees, fare difference and tax if applicable), costs for processing the booking (5 €). It is clarified that if the fare available on the new flight is lower, no refund will be made from the low-cost airline.
Check in & Luggage
In any case the on-line check-in and the printing of your boarding pass are recommended, before the scheduled flight departure time, in order to avoid additional charges at the airport. Most low-cost carriers define as valid check-in and baggage drop-off time, at least 2 hours before the flight's scheduled departure time. Passengers who arrive late for check-in and baggage drop-off will not be accepted on board. As a result, most low cost airlines shall not have the passenger’s ticket refunded, nor will they offer to transport a passenger on another flight free of charge and low cost airlines do not undertake to offer any form of compensation. For this reason you have to be on time for check-in and baggage drop-off.
You are kindly requested to contact directly each low-cost airline for clarification on airline's baggage allowance, as different baggage policy is applicable for each carrier. As an example we mention that Easyjet allows the free transfer of one hand luggage (50x40x20cm) as a carry-on (cabin) baggage, while there is an additional cost (25 €), for each baggage delivered, not exceeding 20 kg.

6. Booking confirmation, delivery of travel documents
After completing a reservation through the AktinaTravelNow.gr web portal, the user instantly receives a booking confirmation from AktinaTravelNow.gr or directly from the provider via e-mail.
The user is responsible for IMMEDIATELY checking the accuracy of the confirmation details (such as name, date of departure, destination, etc.) and to inform AktinaTravelNow.gr in case of any errors which might have occurred during the registration procedure. Any errors reported by the user  after the date of the booking registration procedure cannot be adressed. Such changes even if notified promplty by the user, may incur additional charges. In case of any mistakes made by the client during the booking process, additional charges may be applicable even in the case where the user had provided additional information within the time frame above mentioned. Many providers, especially low-cost airlines, do not proceed to any error amendment after the booking has been registered by the user. It should be noted that the overdue report of errors or the inability to correct them will not result in right of withdrawal from the agreement entered into with AktinaTravelNow.gr.
Airline tickets are sent to the user as electronic tickets (e-ticket) via electronic mail (e-mail). Under exceptional circumstances, the tickets may need to be collected  from the ticketing offices of the  respective airline at the airport, or directly from aktinatickets.gr’s premises. 
In case the user does not receive an electronic ticket (e-ticket), the user must contact AktinaTravelNow.gr within 12 hours .
The ferry tickets are sent to the user by post or courier the cost of which is born by the user, or directly from AktinaTravelNow.gr’s premises. Under exceptional circumstances, the tickets may need to be  collected from the ticketing offices of the respective shipping company at the port of departure (that are usually  located at the coresponding gate). In this case, the client will receive the reservation code via phone call or electronic mail (e-mail).
The Company  shall not be held liable for any loss of tickets and travel documents that are sent by post.
In case of reservations concerning hotels or car rentals no special documents are sent. The user receives a simple e-mail with the booking details. In this case the user has to provide a copy of the booking confirmation and the accompanying voucher (if applicable) sent by AktinaTravelNow.gr directly to the hotel or car rental agency.
In case of reservations concerning package holidays the user will receive the relevant documents by post, or by e-mail or directly from the ticketing offices of AktinaTravelNow.gr during its  opening hours.

7. Prices
The service fee of AktinaTravelNow.gr as an intermediate is always included in the total price of each product or service provided. AktinaTravelNow.gr is informed by each provider of the current prices of travel products and services.AktinaTravelNow.gr shall not be held liable for any price changes made by the providers.
AktinaTravelNow.gr shall not be held liable for any fees, taxes, or charges which might be imposed by any provider in the case of cancellations of travel products or services. Such fees or charges must be paid by the user  in full .

8. Payment Methods
The means of payment are listed on  the AktinaTravelNow.gr website separately for each product or service. It should be noted that only payment methods appearing on the website are acceptable means of payment. In particular, most credit cards are normally accepted. In case the payment is processed by use of a credit card of a third party, authorization in writting of the cardholder is required.
In case the payment is processed by credit card, the entire amount will be charged when the booking is completed. If the payment is processed via bank deposit, the transaction has to be completed within a timeframe of 24 hours from the time of booking.
Before the payment process has been finalized and we have received the payment, AktinaTravelNow.gr has no obligation to provide any tickets or other travel documents to the user. In any case, the customer is still liable  for the settlement of  the total price of the services and products requested.
AktinaTravelNow.gr may request any additional documents or proof of payment from the user such as an address and a copy of the credit card or bank deposit receipt via fax or/and by mail before issuing tickets or vouchers.
AktinaTravelNow.gr reserves the right to send tickets, vouchers, or other travel documents  exclusively to the address communicated by  user  to his/her bank or credit card issuer.

9. Disclaimer
All information and data in respect of products and services are provided by each supplier. AktinaTravelNow.gr makes every effort to verify  the accuracy of all data published but it does not warranty the accuracy, correctness or update of such data and cannot be held liable for any inaccuracies, mistakes of the information provided and published on its website.
AktinaTravelNow.gr cannot be held liable in the case a product or service is unavailable on the date of booking. AktinaTravelNow.gr cannot be held liable for fulfillment of the contract between the user and the provider. In any case AktinaTravelNow.gr cannot be held liable for any acts, errors, ommissions, warranties, breaches or denial of any provider or for injury, death, property damage or other losses that may arise due to a cause related to the use of the website and the information, product and services offered by the provider or any unauthorized third party interventions in products or services which are offered though this website. AktinaTravelNow.gr shall not be held liable and will not reimburse any delay, cancellation, overbooking, change of route, strike, force majeure or any other cause beyond its control. Moreover, it shall not be held liable to reimburse any additional expenses, omissions, delays, rerouting or act of any government authority.
In respect of the bookings made via the best price mix technology, in case of cancellation of one part of the booking due to an external factor (e.g. strike, weather), the Company cannot guarantee that it can amend the remaining booking data without extra charge. 
Over 90.000  hotels are available in the AktinaTravelNow.gr database, including some two-star hotels. These hotels are suitable for travelers wishing to travel at a low cost and are not recommended to our clients. The Company AktinaTravelNow.gr does not recommend a particular hotel and does not guarantee the quality of all hotels presented on our website. 
Furthermore, for online hotel bookings, descriptions and photographs of the hotels appear, as these are inserted by the hotels without confirmation or amendment thereof.
AktinaTravelNow.gr makes reasonable efforts for the proper operation of this  website but cannot warranty the accuracy, suitability and/or proper and uninterrupted performance of the software, the products and services free from viruses and other harmful elements. The same applies to the other information included on this website and provided by third parties. This website contains links to websites of third parties. The Company shall not be held liable for such websites’  availability,  privacy policy, content of third party pages nor for any damage arising from their use, since the user has access to them at his/her own responsibility.
In exceptional cases, the price of the air fare appearing on the   ticketsales4u.gr website may not be valid on the final booking confirmation. AktinaTravelNow.gr is only bound by  the price appearing  on the e-ticket transmission.
The information provided here is subject to constant changes. AktinaTravelNow.gr or any of its partner/s are entitled to make changes on the website at any time.

10. User responsibility
The website must be used only for lawful purposes and conducted by legal means so as not to restrict or prevent its use by others. The user is obliged to use the website in accordance with the law, ethics and the present conditions and to refrain from acts or omissions that may affect, endanger or cause damage or malfunction to the services provided by AktinaTravelNow.gr.
By using this website, the user confirms that he/she is at least 18 years old and meets all the legal requirements for using this website. The user is required to supervise and take responsibility for any use of the website by minors on his/her behalf. He/she also warranties the accuracy and the completeness of all submitted information concerning his/her personal data or personal data of members of his/her family, that are transmitted while using this website.
Any reservation booked for profit or misleading purposes, or aiming to defraud or increase demand is prohibited. The option of booking products or services via this website is allowed only for lawful reservations and purchases in the name of the user or in relation to other users on behalf of which he is authorized to act. The user accepts that abuse of the services provided via the AktinaTravelNow.gr website may result to his/her exemption from accessing the services of  this website.
Every user must enter the correct contact data while making a resevation. In case of error, AktinaTravelNow.gr cannot be held liable.
If the user represents a company and wishes an invoice to be issued, the user is obliged to enter the correct data necessary for the issuance of such invoice. In case of registration error, the cancellation and reissue of the invoice might incur an additional cost. The same applies if the user requests for an ordinary receipt while making a reservation and later wishes to replace it with an invoice.

11. Copyright, trademarks
The copyright and all other protected rights concerning the website belong exclusively to AktinaTravelNow.gr. The content of this website is exclusively copyrighted aktinatickets.gr unless express reference is made to third party property. The name of AktinaTravelNow.gr as well as all trademarks, logos and graphic designs shown on the website belong exclusively to AktinaTravelNow.gr or to third parties.
Any copy, distribution, transformation, processing, resale or creation of derivative work as well as deception of the public concerning the actual provider of this website content is strictly prohibited. Any reproduction, republication, uploading, communication, distribution or transmission or any other use of this content in any way, for commercial or any other purposes is only permitted upon prior permission of AktinaTravelNow.gr or other holder of copyright rights. 

12. Amendment of General Terms and Conditions
AktinaTravelNow.gr reserves the right to amend or to renew the above terms and conditions related to the use of this website at any time, without any obligation to inform the user. Current General Terms and Conditions shall always be displayed on the website as applicable at the given point in time. By using this website, the user accepts all amendments hereof, after such amendments have taken place. The validity of the present terms cannot be limited by any conflicting trading conditions of the user. Amendments and additions to these conditions are valid provided  these are agreed with the legal representative of AktinaTravelNow.gr. Amendments and additions to these terms as well as additional agreements must always be made in writing.

13. Advertising Material
AktinaTravelNow.gr reserves its right to display on its website advertising material and content. However, it has no obligation to examine the content of the advertising material and therefore it is not liable towards its visitors. The advertisers shall be exclusively liable for any illegal act, omission or  inaccuracy.
Connection to other websites. Our websites provide access to other websites which consist of software, information and other content belonging to third parties, whose content shall not be controlled by AktinaTravelNow.gr and therefore we do not provide warranties for the reliability of their content. 

14. Termination of Services
AktinaTravelNow.gr reserves the right to amend or stop the provision via its website of any of its online services.

15. Rejection of reservation
AktinaTravelNow.gr has the right to reject any booking order received by the user should he be in violation the terms and conditions stated on this  website.

16. Provisions relating to passports, visas, currency and health regulations
If the user is travelling abroad, he/she should comply with all the relevant regulations on passports, visas, customs, regulations for imports and exports of goods as well as health regulations. The user  is responsible of complying with the aforementioned regulations. AktinaTravelNow.gr provides some general information on its  website to facilitate  the user but it cannot be held responsible for the validity and completeness of the information provided. For reliable information the customer should contact the provider of the specific journey or the Consulate of the country to be visited.

17. Applicable Law
The relationship  between the users of this website and AktinaTravelNow.gr shall be governed by Greek Law, excluding rules of private international law. 
The courts of Athens have exclusive jurisdiction for resolving any disputes arising between the parties.

18. Cancellations, changes
If the provider makes short – term changes of the journey selected by the user, ex. in case of a flight delay or cancellation, aktinatickets.gr shall make reasonable efforts to contact the user by phone or e-mail and inform him about it. AktinaTravelNow.gr cannot be held liable for changes, delays and cancellations of flights or other travel services and products of the supplier. The user is liable for the compliance of the terms set by each supplier, for instance the terms set by each airline concerning the time of check – in or the confirmation of the return flight. The user is informed about these terms and conditions by the specific supplier or aktinatickets.gr.
More specifically:
For flight cancellations 
In case of change or cancellation of an airticket booking the cost that may occur is determined by the terms and conditions of each supplier and is borne by the user. In case that the supplier gives the right of cancellation or change of the selected ticket to a user, such user wishing to make any booking change or cancellation is obliged to inform aiktinatravelnow.gr via e–mail at sales@aktinatravelnow.com. If the cancellation/change request is sent during non–working hours, such request shall be deemed to have been received on the next working day. AktinaTravelNow.gr cannot cancel or amend any reservation without the user’s request in writing, as aforementioned. 
For hotel cancellation 
For ferry ticket cancellation
For car rental cancellation
For organized travel packages cancellation. In order to secure hotel availability and other necessary services for the creation of travel packages, our company has paid significant funds several months before the performance of the scheduled journeys and is bound by specific obligations for compensation to its suppliers in case of cancellation in part or in full. Therefore it is obliged to withhold the advance payment in whole or to request additional payment in case of undue cancellation. 
The traveller is entitled to cancel his journey following written notification to the company via e–mail at sales@aktinatravelnow.com and to bear the following costs : 
‘’Up to 35 days prior to departure the user must pay 30 euros per person, for organizational and communication costs.”
“34-22 days prior to departure AktinaTravelNow.gr will withhold the advance payment (30% of the total price of the journey).”
“21-15 days prior to departure AktinaTravelNow.gr will withhold 50% of the journey price.”
“Up to 14 days prior to departure and up until the departure date cancellation fees might amount to the total journey price.”
The charges aforementioned cover third party liabilities, adverse economic conditions created for the remaining travellers and other expenses. Application of such charges is independent of their filing date or the cancellation of the journey. Furthermore, the traveller is also charged with the fees paid by the company on his behalf (tickets for entertainment, sporting or other events, issue of travel documents etc.).  
Changes in the flight hours from the morning to the evening or vice versa, hotel replacements with other of the same or higher class and/or compulsory minor changes to the excursion program cannot be considered grounds for cancellation without cancellation charges. 
In organized trips, the traveller can be replaced by another person for the same services, hotel, room type and journey, after having informed our company at least five working days before the departure date. In this case, he will be charged only with irreversible fees, if any (Visa etc). The replacer acquires automatically the obligations and rights of the person whom he replaces and who cancelled his own participation. 

19. Refunds
The time frame for refunds due to cancellations by the suppliers depends on the nature of the product or service.
In particular, in case of cancellation or change of flight bookings, refunds to the clients will be processed only after the airline company itself has proceeded with full refund to our Company. The refund process might therefore take up at the end of next month from the date of cancellation. AktinaTravelNow.gr shall not be held liable for potential delays on the part of any airline company.
Refunds of other products or services of AktinaTravelNow.gr will be processed within 30 working days from the cancellation date provided  that the tickets/services provider has completed full  refund to AktinaTravelNow.gr.